Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank you, sweet friend!

**If you are here looking for day 4 of “14 days of V-Day fun”, it will be posted tomorrow (Sunday), the same time that I post day 5. Thank you. :)**

So a few weekends ago, the girls and I went to Target in search of finding little pink mailboxes from the Dollar Spot, but they were all out (of every color). I wrote on Facebook about how sad I was..

Look what came in the mail today:
Thank you Laurie

Laurie from Gallamore West found the mailboxes at her Target and offered to send them to me. The Reeses and the delicious Peanut butter hearts were a surprise. :)

Thank you so much, Laurie! You are too sweet. We were so surprised when the mailman rang our doorbell. I thought it would take longer than a day to get here, coming from CA! You made our day!