Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy mail!

It’s definitely my favorite when the mail man brings me more than just bills. :)

Here is what was on my door step today:

Bought that little vacuum because I am sick to death of sweeping the tile in our kitchen. The rest of the stuff that is pictured is from Thirty One Gifts. Love it all! :)

If you want to win a purse like the one pictured, go HERE. Giveaway ends this Saturday!

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cake Pops..

Our friends Dustin and Kelly got married yesterday. I was honored when Kelly asked me if I would make cake pops for their wedding, after she saw the pictures of the ones I made for Valentine’s Day. :)



They turned out so pretty (and yummy!) and they were a hit with the bride, groom and all of the guests!

Congratulations, Dustin and Kelly! I’m so glad you loved them. :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thirty One Gifts Giveaway!!


So, remember THIS post? If you missed it, it was basically just me going on about my new found love for Thirty One. :) Shortly after I posted that, an AWESOME woman named Kristin contacted me about doing a Thirty One Giveaway on the blog..

You know what I said? “Yes”, of course!! :) I am so excited for one of you to win this prize.. It is amazing!

Before we get to the giveaway, I want to tell you about a few specials that Thirty One has going on..

Spend $31 dollars and get one of these super cute Mini Utility Bins for just $8!

  AND, if you sign up to be a consultant this month, the consultant kit is just $99!
  Now.. let’s talk about the AWESOME giveaway!!

One of you lucky LLLC readers gets to win this beautiful Casual Cargo purse from Thirty One:
Casual Cargo Purse - Lotsa Dots 

The awesome part? The winner gets the purse WITH custom embroidery!! And you have not one, not two, but SEVEN ways to enter the giveaway! :) How stinkin’ cool is that!?

1- Become a follower of Live Laugh Love Craft.
2- “Like” Live Laugh Love Craft on Facebook
3-Share this giveaway on your Facebook page.
4- Go to Kristin’s website
HERE, then come back and leave a comment letting us know which Thirty one product is your favorite.
5- “Like” Kristin’s Facebook page
6- Sign up to host a Thirty one party through Kristin.
7- Sign up to be on Kristin’s Thirty One team.

Numbers 6 and 7 count for FIVE entries a piece!! :)

Be sure to leave a comment after you complete every entry.

And there you have it! Best of luck to everyone! Giveaway ends March 31st!

Thank you so, SO much Kristin Decailly for offering this beautiful purse to my readers!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Easy mini pizzas

Today I am going to share a “recipe” with you all. Although, I feel silly even calling it that, because it is so, SO simple to make!

Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-19

Easy mini pizzas!

Here is what you’ll need to make them:
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits

ONE can of Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits (I just happened to have the Value Pack on hand, one can of pizza sauce, a bag of cheddar cheese and a baking sheet.

First things first.. Pull the little tab on the can of biscuits until it pops:
(And gives you a mild heart attack)
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-18

Ha. :)

Next, flatten each biscuit out:
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-2 Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-3

Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-4

Then put them onto your baking sheet:
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-5

Add a spoon full of sauce to each biscuit..
(Note: More sauce than is pictured here. You want enough to cover)
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-7

Top with cheese.
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-8

This is the part where you would add any other pizza toppings that you want on your pizza..

We just stuck with plain ‘ol cheese this time. :)

Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-12

Now, make sure your oven is set (to 350).
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-13

And throw those babies in there. :)
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-14

Leave the pizzas in the oven for 5-10 minutes. What you need to watch for is that the cheese is melted, as well as the dough being cooked all the way through. You don’t want overly gooey pizzas!

Now, start clapping and get excited that you made the pizza’s all by yourself!
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-11

So there you have it! Easy mini pizzas. They are SO yummy! And I love that it’s something that gets my girls in the kitchen with me. When they help make it, they are more likely to actually EAT it! ;)

Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-19

You will probably end up with cheese all over your table..
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-17

And your helpers might taste test a little more than called for..
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-15

But the idea is to have fun and spend time with your kids..
Mini pizzas pillsbury biscuits-16

Cheese face. :)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! Check back tomorrow for an AWESOME giveaway! :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

I think I’m addicted..

**Before I start this post, I would just like to say that this post is NOT in any way sponsored by Thirty One Gifts. I am just a girl who likes to talk about the things she loves, to other people. :)**

Oh my gosh.. Have you guys every heard of Thirty One?
It’s a company that sells purses, bags, wallets, accesories, storage bins among other things..

I went to my first Thirty One party over the weekend and it’s safe to say I am HOOKED!

One of the things I ordered is this purse:
Casual Cargo Purse - Lotsa Dots

Isn’t it adorable?? I can’t wait for the package to get here! :)

If you’d like to check out Thirty One for yourself, you can do so by either:
Clicking HERE to view their (online) catalog, OR clicking HERE to go to the Thirty One FB page.

Have you heard of Thirty One? Have some of their items? Love them? I’d love for you to comment! :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hair talk

So, from birth until the time I hit 9th grade, I wore my hair down all.the.time. You couldn’t get me to put my hair up! Then, in 9th grade I don’t know WHAT happened, but I could not stand my hair. No, it wasn’t the fact that I was an irritable teen. :) Until last Tuesday I wore my hair in a pony tail for 99.9% of the time! My hair was just SO frizzy and wavy.. Ugh. I wanted it to be smooth and straight!

Over the years I have spent wasted money on tons of different hair products and different flat irons.. Nothing did the trick for my hair. And if it did, it only lasted until I stepped outside and the humidity un did the hour and a half I spent doing my hair. Boo!

A few weeks ago, I decided to do a search online to try and find some products that were tried and true. Products that had great reviews from a LOT of people..

Today I would like to share with you what I found because they are nothing short of amazing! Before I start, let me just tell you.. Since using these products, my hair has been down EVERY DAY!

Without further ado..
Best hair products ever 
-Pantene Pro-V Medium-Thick Creme
-Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
-Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Relaxing balm

The one on the left I saw on a blog. The girl claimed that it was amazing for humidity and man was she right! Just what I need, living in Florida! The two bottles on the right, I learned about on Amazon. EVERY reviewer of these products gave them 5 stars and I can see why.. They make your hair feel smooth and light.

Along with those products, I use this:
CHI straightener

My CHI straightener. :) Love that thing! It only takes a few minutes to get my hair stick straight!

And since I couldn’t do a whole post on my hair and NOT post a picture of my hair..
Katy Apicello-4

When I went to my fav salon to pick up the Paul Mitchell stuff, I also got my hair cut. I’m loving it!

By the way, you can find the Pantene stuff at any drug or department store (got mine at K-Mart) and the Paul Mitchell stuff at any salon that carries PM products. Hope that helps!

Moral of this blog post is.. Never give up on your hair! ;)

Alright, time to get off of the computer. Making THIS for dinner and THIS for dessert.. Yum!

Talk to you soon. :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our weekend

I can’t believe how busy March has been already. It’s only going to get busier from here! We have a lot of things to pack in to this one month. Happy things, though. :)

Here is what we did this weekend..

-For the first time in FOREVER, I got my hair cut! (Love it, and will show you tomorrow!)
-Did a little shopping with my Mom
-Went grocery shopping (Booring, and not good when you are hungry and shopping!)
-Out to eat for dinner with Micheal and the girls

-The girls had a photo shoot for a local contest that we entered them in.. SO fun!!

-Mother In Law watched the girls so Micheal and I could go to Busch Gardens.. Alone! :)
-Micheal surprised the girls and I with Cars 2 (for the girls) and In Time (for me). Helloooo Justin Timberlake!

And because a post isn’t a post without a picture.. Here is one I snapped of the girls with my phone when we were on our way out the door for the photo shoot: 

It’s been a great weekend. :) I will be back soon! Thanks for stopping by today.♥

Friday, March 2, 2012

Guest posting

Today I am guest posting over at Mess For Less!

Be sure to go HERE to see the post, and leave a comment if you like. :)

Yay for my first guest post ever!