Friday, February 3, 2012

14 days of V-Day fun : Day 3 (Heart photo flower art)

14 days of V Day fun series

Hello! Welcome to day 3 of the series. If this is your first time coming to my blog, make sure you go back and check out the previous days so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! :) And keep checking back here.. We still have 11 days left!

Today’s project is..
Heart photo flower art!

Valentine's Day heart photo flower art-3 
Can you even handle the amount of cuteness that is going on here??

The inspiration for my project can be seen here, on Family Fun Magazine’s website. One of my favorite things to do is taking a project and altering it to be holiday themed. That’s exactly what I did here. Instead of using the cupcake liners in their original circular form, I shaped them into hearts for Valentine’s Day. :)

So, you want to make these? Here’s what you’ll need..

Valentine's Day heart photo flower art 
-Cupcake liners
-Glue or adhesive
- Corner rounding punch
Not shown in photo:
-Photo of your child, sized to fit inside cupcake liner
-An adorable child to write a hand written message :)

1 – Cut cardstock base out of whatever color you desire.

2- Cut another piece of colored cardstock, this time, make it 1/2 in smaller than your base (on all sides).

3 – Cut a stem or stems out of green cardstock.

4 - Adhere two pieces of cardstock together, and then your stem(s) on top of that.

5 – Take a picture of your child and then do 1 of 2 things: 1 – Just print out the picture small and then free handedly cut a circle.. or 2 – Be a crazy person like me, make it into a circle shape and resize using “Paint”, only for the picture to print out as an 8 1/2 x 11 circle! Then I had to save the file and transfer it to Microsoft Word and print again. For whatever reason, that worked. Just don’t ask me why! lol.

6 – Shape your cupcake liiner into a heart. (I used glue in between where I creased them into hearts)

7 – Adhere your picture into the center of your heart.

8 – Adhere your heart to the stem of your flower.

9 – Add leaves. I went the easy route and ran this die through my Cuttlebug. :) But you can easily get the same effect by cutting the leaves out by hand.

10 – Last step! Have an adorable 4 year old (or any aged child) write a Valentine’s Day message for you, and adhere it to your lovely art work.

I know that looks like a lot of steps, but you can seriously do this in about 15 minutes!

Valentine's Day heart photo flower art-2

I am hanging this one on my fridge, but I think we will be making more soon, for the Grandma’s. :)

Did you catch the message at the top? “Happy Valentines YAD”.
Valentine's Day heart photo flower art-4 
Oh, how I love Abby’s handwriting!

See you tomorrow for another fun project! ♥