Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New year & Pop Rocks cupcakes!

new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes 4

Okay, so if you’re a follower of the Live Laugh Love Craft Facebook page, you know that I got my Babycakes cupcake maker yesterday! :) I have been dying to use this thing!!

Babycakes cupcake maker pink 

Babycakes cupcake maker pink 2

Isn’t she purdy?? :)

Now, for my first endeavor with my new machine, I didn’t just want to make plain ‘ol cupcakes.. Especially on New Years Eve! I came up with the idea of doing Pop Rocks cupcakes and they turned out SO cute and fun!

Want to know how to make your own? :)

First, bake your cupcakes. Whether it be in an oven or Babycakes cupcake maker.
babycakes cupcake maker pink 3 

Cut a hole in the center of your cupcake(s)..
new years pop rocks cupcakes 2 

Fill with Pop Rocks..
new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes

Frost, just like you would any cupcake..
new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes 3-2 

See? Looks normal! :) (Don’t judge my icing job.. It was my first time using a piping bag!)
new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes 2

Until you open the center! Hellloooo Pop Rocks!!
new years 4th of july pop rocks cupcakes 3

Fun, right??

Hope you try them out! Have a happy and SAFE New Year!! :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I’m in love..

That’s right, I’m in love! ..You’re probably thinking “You just got married, of course you’re in love!”, but I’m not talking about Micheal (although I am still very much in love with him)..

I’m talking about..

Yep, my Crock Pot! :) This thing is seriously amazing!!


It is SO easy to use! As you can see, there are only four buttons on it. One to set the temp (High, low or warm), one to increase the cooking time, one to decrease the cooking time, and the off button. That’s it! Nothing complicated about it at all! My fav feature is that once the desired cooking time is up, it automatically switches to the “Warm” setting!

Am I starting to sound like an infomercial?? LOL! Sorry.. :)

Tonight I made Crock Pot chicken fajitas..


The above picture was when I poured all of the ingredients in.. Looks good already! Unfortunately my camera died right after this picture so I don’t have a pic of the finished product, darnit!

So, you’ll have to deal with this one from the website where I originally found the recipe (not that it is a bad picture, it just isn’t mine so I can’t take credit for it..):

Yummo! Everyone in my family love this meal! You can find the recipe here. :)

Tomorrow.. Pot roast!

What is your favorite thing to make in your Crock Pot?

Is it just me?

So maybe I’m the only one who is like this, but I love seeing what other people got for Christmas!

So, I thought I would show you what I got this year..

Crock pot, blender, cupcake carousel, shirt, Rachael Ray oven mits and rammekin set.

I also got the Babycakes cupcake maker!! It’s not here yet, but should be in a few days.. Can’t wait!! :)

What did you get? I’d looove to hear!

Monday, December 26, 2011

A handmade gift for my girls..

So, I haven’t shared this on the blog yet, but I love to make cards. My daughters (especially Abby) like to sit down with me and make their own cards while I am making mine. A few months ago, while Abby and I were sitting together, making cards, she said “Momma, I like to make stuff with you!” ..It pretty much melted my heart. :) And a few days after that, she told me that she wanted her own “stuff” to make her cards. I instantly thought CHRISTMAS GIFT!

And here it is..
Card making kit for kids 2

 Card making kit for kids 12

Card making kit for kids

And here is what’s inside..
Card making kit for kids 10

Cardstock that has been pre cut and scored (folded) into cards, stickers, stamps and ink, die cuts, pre cut scrapbook paper, and a roll of double sided tape (I switched out the Scotch cardboard with pink paper).

The girls were so excited to get this on Christmas morning! And I had so much fun making it for them. :)

Did you make any of your child(ren)’s gifts this Christmas? I’d love to hear about it!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Is it really over?

All of the shopping, baking, wrapping, etc.. And in the blink of an eye, Christmas is over. A part of me is sad because Christmas is my favorite holiday. But I am glad the stressing about everything is over. ;)

We seriously had the best Christmas ever! How could we not when it revolves around these two?:



I am pretty sure that there is nothing as cute as those two. :)

Abby (4 year old) made these gifts for all of the Grandma’s:

I got the little pocket calendars at walmart, took the measurements and made an insert out of white cardstock. Abby drew pictures on both sides and then we slid the cardstock in the clear cover on the calendar. It was so inexpensive and easy and I think the Grandma’s loved them. :)

Here is a shot of the backs of them:

Ugh, don’t you just love 4 year old handwriting and drawings?? They make me smile. :)

And then I made these to give out to family:

Got the bags and ribbon at Hob Lob.. The treats inside are pretzel hugs. SO addicting!!

Here they are all lined up.. Nice and pretty. :)

I have one more Christmas project that I am dying to share with you, but that will have to wait. :)

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Talk to you soon!

Merry Christmas!

Love, The Apicello girls. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Emails from Santa!

Portable north pole email from Santa

Has your child gotten their email from Santa yet? ;) If not, all you have to do is go here and fill out a few things about your child (name, what they want most for Christmas, etc.) and they will receive a personalized video email from Santa himself! It literally sends it to you within a minute or two! Quick and easy!

One of the cool things about it, is that you can keep the email and your child(ren) can watch the video as many times as they want! We did this for the girls last night and they were ecstatic!

I should mention that it is absolutely FREE! :) Enjoy!

Monday, December 19, 2011

6 days until Christmas!

We finally put our tree up (last night)! :)

Micheal got the tree out of the garage last night and put the lights on it. I got out the ornaments and was excited to get them on when I realized.. We have no hooks! Darnit.. Not much you can do about that at 9:30 at night (aside from going out for some, which I was not willing to do..ha!). So, today I went and got the hooks and the girls and I decorated. Definitely could not have done the ribbon without Abby! She stood on one side of the tree and I was on the other and we got it done. She was so excited to help, too! :)


I wasn’t too sure about the ribbon at first, but it is growing on me. :)


So now that the tree is up and decorated, all I have to do is start (and finish) shopping, take pictures for family members and bake until I can’t bake anymore! ;) Ha..What do you still have to do before Christmas?

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Google fun..

Go to Google and type in "Let it snow" and click search..


Friday, December 16, 2011

Turning 18 rocks!

turning 18 rocks pop rocks birthday gift

Micheal’s little Sister (my Sister In Law) Tiffany turned 18 today. After brainstorming for a while about what I was going to make her, I remembered pinning this idea and decided that was it. :)

This was so easy to make and didn’t cost very much at all!

Here is a list of the supplies I used:
-Foam block - $1 (Dollar Tree)
-Wrapping paper - $1 (Dollar tree)
-6, 3 packs of Pop Rocks - $6 (Dollar Tree)
-Wooden skewers – About $1 (Walmart)

And then I had the Thickers to spell out “Turning 18 rocks”, tape and paper. :)

turning 18 rocks pop rocks birthday gift 2
I hope you liked your gift Tiffany! And to everyone else, thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Just wanted to stop in and give you a heads up.. I will be having a giveaway when my blog reaches 100 followers. I realize this could take a while, as I only have 17 followers right now. No matter how long it takes, once the blog reaches 100 followers, I will have something fun to give away to one of you! :)

Same goes for the LLLC Facebook page!

Tell all of your friends/family/blog readers about my blog and FB page so you can win something cool. ;)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our wedding pictures (My favorites)

Hello there! We got all of our wedding pictures back yesterday so I am going to share my favorites. :)

WARNING: This post has a LOT of pictures!


























Sorry for the picture overload! :) Aren’t the pictures amazing!? If you are ever in Florida and need a photographer, I highly recommend Negroni Photographers! Mya and her Husband Hector are wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!