Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baking FAIL!!

So, the other day while at Target, I saw this..

Wilton bar baking pan_

Wilton bar baking pan_-2

I did that thing I usually do when I can’t decided if I need something or not. In the cart, back on the shelf, in the cart and back to the shelf again.. “That’s it, I’m getting it!”

I have been wanting to make chocolate chip cookies bars for a while and so I thought this pan would be perfect. :) Keyword : thought..

I tried THIS recipe. I had everything it called for, already. It was really simple to make and EVERYONE who has ever made it, gave it outsanding reviews.

Here is what mine looked like when they were done:
Chocolate chip cookie bars

Hard on the outside and SO not done on the inside. Boooo!

I think if I had made them in a regular baking pan, they would have been great. The bars were too thick in the pan I used, in turn not giving the insides enough time to cook before the outsides were burnt..

I was really looking forward to some cookies, too! :(

What about you? Had any baking or craft fails recently? Want to make me feel better by telling me about it? ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My new toy

Today, the girls and I went on an all day shopping trip with my Mom. We went to Target, JoAnn’s, Wal-Mart and last we went to Michael’s. Loooove shopping. :) 

There wasn’t any certain thing that I planned on buying today. That was, until I saw that Michael’s had these:
Cricut mini

HAD to get it! :)

Ahh, I cannot wait to make my first project with it!!

And on a completely unrelated note, why is this little guy so stinking cute?
Our cute kitty, Trouty

Well, that is all from me today. Tomorrow I am taking advantage of having Micheal at home with us (his only day off), but I will be back Monday with something crafty to share. :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Google Reader and the (amazing) next button

Since I haven’t done anything crafty this week (yet!) I figured I would share this with you.. :)

I’m sure most, if not all, of you have heard (and/or) use Google Reader. I was pretty much ecstatic when I found it. It saves me from having to go to every.single.blog I read to see if they had a new post that day..

With that said, Google Reader is just plain awesome by itself.. But you know what makes it even better?? 

The next button!

Now, you’re probably wondering how a simple little button could be so cool.. I’m here to tell you!

The next button is a button that goes on your bookmark bar that allows you to go through the unread items in your reader. Instead of seeing just the plain post in Google Reader, it actually takes you to the blog itself! So you can see the pretty blog headers and layouts.. All of the fun stuff in the sidebars.. AND you can comment without having to click to a different page. :) Love, love, love!

Here’s how you do it..

First, open Google Reader. If you don’t have GR yet, go HERE to sign up.

Now, do you see that little gear looking thing on the right of the page? Click the arrow next to it and a menu will drop down. One of the options is “Reader settings”.. Click that.
Now that you are into the Settings, click on the tab named “Goodies”.

Scroll down until you see where it says “Put reader in a bookmark” and drag that first yellow highlighted “Next >”  button just under your address bar.

See? There it is! :)

Now you can click it when you want to read some of your fav blogs, but only have a few minutes to spare. :)

So there you have it.. The next button!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend! I will be back soon.♥

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Go back up your blog.. Now!

I don’t know about you, but I would have a panic attack if my blog and all of it’s contents were ever deleted. That very thing happened to Kristin of My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia.. Poor thing!! Kristin, if you’re reading this, I hope they get it fixed for you!

Now, there is a way to feel at ease if this should ever happen to you.. Backing up your blog!

Not sure how to do that? I wasn’t either, but Kristin from Simply Klassic Home shows you how, HERE.

It seriously takes 2 minutes to back up your blog.. So easy! Go do it, so this doesn’t happen to you!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

14 days of V-Day fun : Days 11-14 (40+ Valentine’s Day ideas!)

14 days of V Day fun series

Hello! Since I got 4 days behind on the series, I figured I would combine all four days into one post, and showcase other bloggers Valentine’s day ideas. :)

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Valentine’s Day Snicker’s “sundae”, found HERE.
Snickers sundae decoration

Chair back Valentine’s Day envelopes, found HERE.

Burlap heart wreath, found HERE.
burlap heart wreath

Valentine’s Day shirt, found HERE.

Valentine’s Day lunch ideas, found HERE.
Valentine's day lunches

Valentine’s Day party, found HERE.
Valentine's day party ideas

Red velvet/cream cheese whoopie pies, found HERE.
Red velvet whoopie pies

Valentine holder, found HERE.
Valentine's day valentine holder

Valentine’s s’more bites, found HERE.
Valentien S'more Treat Bites

Valentine’s day gumball necklaces, found HERE.
Valentines day gumball necklaces

Secret message valentine’s, found HERE.
secret message hearts valentines day

Free printable owl Valentine’s Day tags, found HERE.
Valentines day owl tags printable

Heart pizza, found HERE.
heart pizza valentines day

“XOXO for you” jar, found HERE.
xoxo for you

Valentine’s party printables, found HERE.

Felt fortune cookies for V-Day, found HERE.
fortune cookies

Paper mailbox template, found HERE.paper mailbox template
Printable Valentine’s Day tags, found HERE.
printable valentines day tags

Valentine’s Day terra cotta gumball machine, found HERE.
Terra cotta gumball machine valentine's day 

Valentine’s Day countdown, found HERE.
14 days of Valentines activities

Heart braid hairstyle, found HERE.
Valentines day heart hairstyle braid

Four cheese heart shaped ravioli, found HERE.
heart ravioli

Framed love art, found HERE.
love art

How to make a heart shaped cake without a heart shaped pan, found HERE.
How to make a heart shaped cake

Printable “Cutie pie” tags, found HERE.
Vday printables

White chocolate peanut butter mini hearts, found HERE.

Valentine’s day picnic lunch, found HERE.
Valentines day picnic

Make your own heart shaped marshmallows, found HERE.
make your own marshmallows 

Rated PG-13 sugar cookies, found HERE.
valentines day sugar cookies

Valentine’s day birdhouses, found HERE.
valentines day birdhouses

And let’s not forget all of the fun Valentine’s day fun from right here at LLLC..

Handprint heart canvases, found HERE.
Valentines Day handprint heart canvas

Valentine candy kabobs, found HERE.
Valentines Day candy kabobs

Valentine’s day cake pop tutorial, found HERE.
Cake pop valentines-19

Cake pop photo Valentine’s, found HERE.
Cake pop valentines-20

Cinnamon roll hearts and pink milk, found HERE.

Valentine’s Day themed cupcake bar, found HERE.
Cupcake bar

Candy cane heart lollipops, found HERE.
Valentine's day candy cane heart lollipops-5

Heart photo flower art, found HERE.
Valentine's Day heart photo flower art-3

Easiest V-Day snack EVER, found HERE.
Easy Valentines treat Oreo Cakesters sprinkles-2

Heart shaped bird feeders, found HERE.
Valentine's day heart bird feeder_-2

Wow.. So many great ideas in one post!! It’s kind of making me sad that Valentine’s Day is over!

That concludes the “14 days of V-Day fun” series. Thank you SOO much to everyone who has visited, commented, pinned, etc! You all are awesome. :)

Now, back to the regularly scheduled blogging. :) Hope you all have a great weekend!!