Sunday, February 5, 2012

14 days of V-Day fun : Day 4 (easiest Valentine’s snack ever!)

14 days of V Day fun series

Today’s post is going to be pretty short and sweet. Why? Because this is THE simplest snack ever!

Here’s what you’ll need: Easy Valentines treat Oreo Cakesters sprinkles
-Oreo Cakesters
-Small heart cookie cutter

All you do is use a small, heart shaped cookie cutter to form your Oreo Cakester into a heart. Next, you roll the icing that is in the center of your Cakester, into the sprinkles. And you’re done!

Easy Valentines treat Oreo Cakesters sprinkles-2 
This would be a fun little surprise to put in your child’s lunchbox for V-Day, don’t ya think? :)

Check back soon for day 5 of “14 days of V-Day fun”!