Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baking FAIL!!

So, the other day while at Target, I saw this..

Wilton bar baking pan_

Wilton bar baking pan_-2

I did that thing I usually do when I can’t decided if I need something or not. In the cart, back on the shelf, in the cart and back to the shelf again.. “That’s it, I’m getting it!”

I have been wanting to make chocolate chip cookies bars for a while and so I thought this pan would be perfect. :) Keyword : thought..

I tried THIS recipe. I had everything it called for, already. It was really simple to make and EVERYONE who has ever made it, gave it outsanding reviews.

Here is what mine looked like when they were done:
Chocolate chip cookie bars

Hard on the outside and SO not done on the inside. Boooo!

I think if I had made them in a regular baking pan, they would have been great. The bars were too thick in the pan I used, in turn not giving the insides enough time to cook before the outsides were burnt..

I was really looking forward to some cookies, too! :(

What about you? Had any baking or craft fails recently? Want to make me feel better by telling me about it? ;)


  1. sadness :( I tried to make zucchini chips with a dehydrator the other day & failed miserably. They just shriveled down to nothing and never got crunchy! I chose to blame the dehydrator :)

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