Saturday, April 28, 2012

Insta Friday (On Saturday..again)

This time I am posting on Saturday because Jeannett didn’t put the party up until today! :)

Here is a look at our week through the lens of my camera phone:

Funny shirt we saw at TJ Maxx:
1 barney extinct shirt

We heart OG bread sticks. :)
2 olive garden breadsticks

Trying to decide what free product to get since I hosted a Thirty One party.. Tough decision!
3 thirty one gifts catalog

Micheal got free passes to the wildlife park from a customer, so we took the girls on Sunday.
4 wildlife park

Manatee! :)
5 manatee

A trip to HD to pick up some supplies for a project I’m working on. :)
7 home depot trip

One of the things we got at Home Depot:
8 chalkboard paint

Found these at our new Wal-Mart. Loooove them!
9 dunkaroos

Lauren, playing contently with her little doll house. :)
10 doll house

Micheal asked me what was for dinner.. :)
11 funny text message

Abby’s self portrait. :)
13 abbys self portrait

Here she is, surfing..
14 abby surfing self portrait

Um, have you tried these? AMAZING! For reals.
15 WHITE Reeses

It got into the 40’s one night (I thought this was Florida??), so I decided to wear the girls’ Hello Kitty snuggie.
16 Hello kitty snuggie

Abby got new Barbie skates and wanted Daddy to take her to the skate park. So, he did. :)
17 skate park

Old photo booth picture of myself, my Sister and my Niece. :)
19 old pic sisters

We signed this girl up for pre-k on Thursday! (See below for more on that)
20 pre k sign up

So, you Mom’s who already have school aged children probably already know this, but getting into pre-k isn’t a for sure thing. You don’t just sign up and your child gets in. You sign up, fill out paperwork, your child gets interviewed and THEN they decide if he/she gets in. I hear that they only let them in if you are low income OR if they really NEED to be in school to get ready for kindergarten.. Well, we aren’t low income and Abby is one smart cookie buuut she has been dying to go to school since she was 2! And I cannot see her being one month from turning 6 and just starting school. Just seems crazy to me. So please pray that she gets in!

Whew, that was way more than I intended to If you want to follow me on Instagram, my user name is “katyapicello”. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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