Monday, December 12, 2011

And the award for worst blogger ever goes to..

So, last niight my friend Hillary hosted a cookie swap at her house.. It was awesome. Only problem? I didn’t bring my camera with me! :( Well, if you want to get technical.. I did bring my camera, but failed bring a memory card. So I have no documentation of the night. But seriously, it was so much fun!

I made these yummy Heath bar cookies for the swap:
Heath cookies 
Recipe found here.

Hillary made these mac n cheese for an appetizer.. OMG they were so good!
Macaroni and cheese bites
Recipe found here.

She also made these grape jelly cocktail meatballs. Before you judge, don’t. I usually will not eat or drink anything grape flavored but let me tell you, these things were soo good! You can’t even tell that they are made with grape jelly.. Hillary, why didn’t you force me to take some home with me? ;)
Grape Jelly Cocktail Meatballs
Recipe found here.
And here are a few other things she made for the swap..

This adorable cookie cutter wreath..
Cookie cutter wreath
Idea found here.

She also made tissue paper pom pom’s. :)
Tissue paper pom poms
The ones pictured are from Etsy, but Hillary made hers. You can easily find a tutorial on Pinterest! :)

Thank you again Hillary for hosting the cookie swap! It is always good for us Momma’s to have a night out, kid free. You were an amazing host and I can’t wait to do another cookie swap next year!


  1. AW! Thanks katy, i was so upset i didnt get pictures, i thought my camera was in the diaper bag that went with john, turns out it was in myles room the WHOLE time! Ugh i was so mad!

  2. I adore your blog! I just found it... and honestly you have so many good ideas compiled here!

  3. I have to laugh...the number of times I have done the exact same thing!!! :-) I always stick the memory card in my laptop, then forget to grab it when I pack up my camera. Also, it's a different post, but your wedding photos are gorgeous. Love the pink and orange.