Sunday, November 20, 2011


Apparently I was not meant to do anything blog related this weekend! Before the weekend I made something, went to take pictures of it and my SD card broke.. No problem, I’ll just go out and get a new one. Wrong! My back has been hurting worse than any back pain that I can ever recall (even while pregnant and in labor with both girls..). Tonight I tried making a recipe that I found on Pinterest. Looked simple enough.. Burnt to a crisp within a minute of being in the pan! Ugh!!

I promise I will be back with something, some time this week!

And since I don’t want to do a post without a pic, check this out..

It took FOREVER to get through those 1000+ posts, but I did it! I didn’t read through, though. I might of never gotten done that way! What I did was skim through the title and first few sentences of each post and if it didn’t catch my attention.. On to the next! :) 
 Alright, I need to get off of here and tidy up the house before calling it a night. Thanks for stopping by!


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