Monday, April 9, 2012

Sidewalk chalk PAINT!

So, you may have heard of sidewalk chalk paint before. If you haven’t.. You are missing out! It is SUPER inexpensive to make, easy to whip up and kids love it!

We made some on Easter Sunday and the girls and I played with it for a long time. :)

Here are a few pictures I took with my phone using the Instagram app..
diy sidewalk chalk paint 

diy sidewalk chalk paint 2

diy sidewalk chalk paint 3

diy sidewalk chalk paint 4

All you need to make it are the following..
-1 box of Corn Starch (You can find this in the baking section of any grocery store)
-Food coloring
-Pack of foam brushes (I got a package of about 10 for like a dollar at Walmart!)

A few things to know if you make sidewalk chalk paint:
-1 tablespoon of Corn starch per 1 tablespoon of water (We did about 6 tablespoons water and 6 of CS)
-Pour your Corn Starch into your bowl/container, then add your food coloring and water. Stir until you can no longer “feel” the Corn Starch. Trust me, you will know! The stuff is thick. :)
-I found those little containers at the Dollar Tree, 1 dollar for a pack of 5.. Can’t beat that!
-Don’t just watch your kids play with it.. Get in there and do it with them! It’s fun for adults, too. ;)

I will be back soon with a few mores posts. I was in a rut there for a bit, but I am back!


  1. Such a great idea. I had no idea it was that easy to make this stuff on your own. And such springy colors for Easter, too. Would be delighted for you to link up with us at Mop It Up Mondays:


  2. So cool. Lovely pictures too. I love the colors you chose. :)

  3. I love how bright the colors are! Now all I need are some kids and a driveway and I've got a fun weekend ahead of me.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great idea! Looks very easy! I will have to try this today with the kids at daycare!
    Thanks for linking up to the party - so glad you did!
    Stacey of Embracing Change