Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day! :)

Here is what our day consisted of..

Valentines day target mailboxes

Those are the mailboxes that Laurie sent. I decorated them with some scrapbook paper and added the girls’ initials (alphabet stickers) onto the flags. Simple, yet SO cute. :) Unicorns and straws came from Walmart. Inside the mailboxes were stickers and Valentine candy corn (Have you had this?? SO good!)

Valentines day target mailboxes-2

Valentines day target mailboxes-3

I took this picture for you, Veronica. Are you laughing? :) Ha.
Valentines day target mailboxes-4

So I gave the girls their goodies this morning, then I decided I would make them some pancakes. Not just any pancakes.. PINK heart pancakes.

Here is the only proof I have:
Tovolo pancake batter pen babycakes cupcake maker

I will spare you the picture of the actual pancakes. They were hideous! What is it with me and pancakes? I ruined the cake batter pancakes that I tried making because of Pinterest, and I ruined these. Boo!


Check out the super cute Valentine I sent to Micheal while he was at work.. ;)
Full house valentine uncle joey

Hahaha! Oh freak, that is funny! And don’t worry, I got him a mushy card, too. :)
You can find the Uncle Joey Valentine and others here.

Other things that happened, but I didn’t get a picture of:
-Both the girls and the cat took a nap at the same time. :)
-Micheal brought home a balloon and the sweetest card for me.
-We got to-go food from a local restaurant (YAY for no cooking or dishes!)
-My Mom came over with candy and cookies.
-The girls got 3 Valentines in the mail! :)

I should have taken my camera out a little more!

I will back back tomorrow to share my last V-Day idea! For the remaining 3 days of “14 days of V-Day fun” I will be posting my favorite ideas from other bloggers. :) Talk to you soon!


  1. Yes! Totally made me smile!! Funny because when I was putting Nicole to bed I picked up from the floor a book about a unicorn statue and immediately thought about you!!

  2. I am cracking up at the cut it out!! That is awesome! Your mailboxes turned out super cute!! Looks like your day was awesome! Enjoyed your post, thanks!!

  3. How sweet! I'm Linky Following you too!

  4. Sweet little mailboxes! I make a mess of pancakes every time...and I usually burn them - go figure! Happy V-Day (belated!)