Monday, February 13, 2012

14 days of V-Day fun : Day 9 (Cinnamon roll hearts & Pink Milk)

14 days of V Day fun series

Hello! I just want to say that I am aware that I am behind on this series, but I am going to get all 14 days posted, no matter if it is after Valentine’s day or not. :) If you saw what my weekend was like, you would know why I am behind! Work, dinner and shopping with a friend, baby shower, birthday party and hosting a Mommy group at my house!! That’s enough to make you want to take a nap, isn’t it? :)

Today I’m sharing a fun treat that I have made for the girls Valentine’s day breakfast for the past few years. It’s a fun tradition we started when they were younger and I don’t think they’ll ever tire of it. I mean, I’m 24 and love it! :)

Cinnamon roll hearts and pink milk!

I found the idea here. All you do is take two Pillsbury cinnamon rolls, unroll them, twist the two pieces and then form them into a heart shape and bake them for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.

For the drink, you could either do regular milk with pink food coloring (that’s what I do), strawberry milk, or white hot chocolate with pink food coloring.

And can I just say.. This picture was from last year. This time I will try harder on making the icing pretty. ;)


  1. That's a great idea, to make these from the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls! I love cinnamon soft pretzels, these look yummy!

  2. This is SO cute! I would have never thought of the pink milk - <3 it

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  4. How sweet! And I love that it's a tradition.