Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our weekend..

Hello blog readers! I hope you have had a great weekend.. Ours was packed with fun!

Saturday Micheal was out with his brother and the Jeep club that they belong to, so I decided that the girls and I needed to have get out of the house as well for some girl time. :)

First we went to Target..untitled-2
And of course, you can’t go to Target without stopping at Starbucks for some cake pops, apple juice (for the girls) and a vanilla bean frappucino (for me)! :) It’s like breaking the law if you don’t! ;)
This picture cracks me up! She is so my child.. Whenever I was young (and to this day) I would be perfectly happy going to the store and getting something as simple as a notebook and some pens.. Her choice of the day was two rolls of bright colored wrapping paper from the dollar spot at Target. :)

Our next stop was my fav store ever! Hob Lob (as I like to call it)..untitled-3 
And our last store of the day was JoAnn’s. :)
Of course, after all of that hard work shopping, we had to get something to eat, right? Right :)

Oh, how I love Chic Fil A! It is always a treat for us when we go there, since we don’t have one in our town!

Wanna see what I bought between the three stores?
joanns hobby lobby target-2
joanns hobby lobby target 
FUN stuff!! :)

Saturday night, Micheal and I put the girls to bed and stayed up way too late so I could get caught up on this.. 

Anyone out there a Gleek? Love, love, LOVE that show!! :) I still have one show to watch tonight, to be fully caught up and I hear it is REALLY good!

This (Sunday) morning we slept in and then headed to a festival that was going on in our town..

After spending two (!) hours at the festival, we took the girls out for ice cream. :) 

We still have ONE more thing planned before the weekend is over, but that will be a post of it’s own. :)

Talk to you soon!


  1. What a fun weekend!! Your girls are adorable :)

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  3. That looked like a lovely weekend with your fam! My kiddos are the same way, always snacking & drinking in the store. Whatever makes them happy so I can shop :)